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At The Oaks Family Practice we aim to provide a fair and efficient service for all our patients. To facilitate this, the practice has adopted a policy that all accounts should be settled at the time of your consultation.  We thank all our patients for cooperating with this policy.


If you have an outstanding balance, you may receive an SMS message from us with a secure payment link. Patients with outstanding balances are required to pay their balance in full prior to making any further appointments.


We accept payment by cash, card or cheque and can take payment online or over the phone on outstanding balances. 


You can see an outline of our general fees below, please note that the fee for consultation with the nurse may vary depending on the service being provided. Please enquire at reception if the fee for a particular service is not available below.

Not Covered By Medical/GP Visit Cards

We are unable to continue to sustain the costs and workload which are not covered as part of the HSE contract – some of which are outlined in the below poster.

All patients - both GMS and "private" patients - are entitled to attend a HSE phlebotomy ("blood test") clinic free of charge. It is every patient's choice whether they pay the GP clinic for a phlebotomy service or attend the HSE service. Each time you are due to have a blood test you should let the clinic know which service you would prefer and we would be pleased to arrange either service for you.

IMO Notice to Patients with Medical/GP Visit Cards
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